Workshops Now Available!

Have you been wanting to learn Modern Calligraphy? Well the time is finally here! Workshops are now available, and I'll be teaching you! These workshops are going to be in an intimate setting, with in-person, hands on teaching. Every student will get a full kit, which will give them everything needed to start a new hobby in calligraphy. The basic strokes will be taught, and then perfected as lowercase and uppercase alphabets are taught, as well as the rules of traditional calligraphy. Since the classes are for modern calligraphy, those traditional rules will be broken, which will result in personal, individual lettering styles, unique to each student. 

Calligraphy is a great skill. Not only will you have a new technique to impress your friends with, but you'll also have a greater understanding of the art of lettering, and it's importance in our society! Handwriting will soon be a lost art, unless it is carried on through hobbyists and professionals...which after a little practice, could easily be you! You'll leave this workshop with a great understanding of the forms needed to create beautiful writing, which can allow you to address beautiful cards, make your own wedding invitations, or lovely pieces of artwork for gifts or your own home!

Your kit is fully included in the class cost, as well as some light refreshments. Grab a handful of friends, and let's set up a date! Classes can be held in your homes if you like, or feel free to come out to one of the pre-scheduled dates! 

Send me an email if you would like to host a class, or head over to the workshop page to look at the dates already scheduled! I hope to see you soon, and get a pen in your hand!