What You Missed This Week - Freebies & Custom News

Hi there! I know I missed Tuesday's post, and I'll be up front about today's post too...it's a little lacking. So maybe taking the time off for a last minute vacation last week wasn't necessarily in my business's best interest. I didn't have the chance to pre-plan for the trip, and I didn't do any work while we were away (cause sometimes a break is needed, right?). This left me with some major catch up needed on custom work, plus print orders, and getting Josh ready to head out on the road for work (he's working on a film I'm so excited about!!!!).

Newsletter Things - Freebies

So in all this, I don't really have too much to offer you today. HOWEVER, I still have something you might like! In case you haven't signed up on the side bar to the right, you might not know that I send a newsletter out each month, usually containing free goodies! You're in luck today though, you can sign up at the bottom of this post! Last month, for April, I included a free download to a 3 x 4 print/journaling card (see below!). 

If you sign up for the newsletter today, you can still get May's email, which contains another free printable! May's newsletter is about dreaming big, and stepping out into scary things, and the free download is representative of that. 

Scary Things - Custom News

One of the scary things I touched on last week was about new ventures that my business was taking. Restructuring my business and time spent working to include classes got me thinking about my business as a whole. Right now, it consists of a print shop, greeting card shop, custom orders, and now the new classes. With summer right around the bend, and our home functioning as a cottage to many of our friends, I know that I need to create a little more breathing room in my life. I need more time to rebuild the shop, and create new products (there's a new print in the shop today too!). I need time to also create things for myself, to keep me sane. I also need time for walks on the beach, adventures with my husband, and time to jump last minute into the truck and explore this beautiful world. 

This all being said, I'm announcing a little change in the custom order department. I am going to be slowing down on how many custom orders I accept per month, and which kinds. Lately, I've been overly swamped, as well as doing work that I find doesn't necessarily fit into the Daughter Zion Designs aesthetic. In keeping with my brand, I want to accept work that is cohesive to my style and portfolio. This means feminine, floral, script and brush lettering, and bright, cheerful colours. If you are interested in an custom work, please send me an email, and we will discuss availability! I'll also be creating an online calendar to show you when the next availabilities are throughout the year. I'm hoping that this new format works out, ensuring that I have the time to really commit to my clients, and you get pieces in a timely manner!

Thank you for your patience in the lack of content this week... We will be back to our regular programming next week! Until then, you can see that there's new prints coming to the shop soon, which I'm getting excited about. There's going to be more digital downloads available, plus some other goodies, and possibly even some one of a kind originals!

Hope you have a great weekend, and enjoy the sunshine!

**This image is for personal use only, as a wallpaper for phone or computer. Exclusive rights belong to Reva Madryga of Daughter Zion Designs. This download may not be reproduced, altered, or sold. If you would like to use it in any other way other than intended, please email me at reva@daughterziondesigns.com to discuss.**