Green and Gold - A MacLeod Wedding

photo by KPushStudios

Last September, two of my favourite people got married. The wedding was seriously so much fun, and Stephanie thought through every little detail, to make the day memorable for her guests, and for her and her new husband Josh. Thankfully, she and Josh let me be part of their day, in more ways that one! Not only was I their calligrapher/everything-paper-designer, but I got to be a bridesmaid too! It was so much fun, since my husband Josh was a groomsman. 

Stephanie and Josh chose a stunning colour palette. I mean, look at those deep green dresses! The boys looked soooo handsome in their suits, but I was pumped on our dresses. I thought we were all total babes. But honestly, Steph stole the show. We pulled that deep green into her invites, and added little bit of Stephanie signature (polka dots and gold!) and she let me bring in my own ideas to the pieces (watercolour washes!). Below are the invitation suites I created, under Steph's watchful eye. She has a great eye for design, so I didn't mind any of her input at all.

photo by KPushStudios

Alongside the invitation, Stephanie asked me to create some wedding signage to be used throughout the day. She had curated the perfect Pinterest board, and pulled different ideas of little quotes she's loved, and directed me to create these pieces, which look stunning in the vintage gold frames she had. 

photo by KPushStudios

photo by KPushStudios

photo by KPushStudios

photo by KPushStudios

photo by KPushStudios

photo by KPushStudios

The menu that Josh and Stephanie picked out was DELICIOUS. I was lucky enough to have a sneak peek at what we were going to be served while I was making the menu for everyone's seats. I also created a little card which dictated the rules to follow in order to get the couple to kiss (I sang Kiss the Girl, from the Little Mermaid, accompanied by the cutest little girls). I really enjoyed the touch of donating money in lieu of favours to organizations that were close to both Josh and Stephanie's hearts. I think that favours are sometimes so useless, and this option is so much more meaningful.

photo by KPushStudios

It was such a pleasure creating this whole suite for Stephanie and Josh. It was even more of a pleasure getting to be there in person, and see it all put to use! I'm so glad that these two are married, and I am fortunate to call them my friends. They are both so special to me, and I can't wait for many more years of friendship to come!

photo by KPushStudios

See more of Stephanie and Josh's wedding on the blog! They were featured, and that's exciting!

Venue: Deer Creek Banquet Facility
Bridal Attire: David's Bridal 
Groom's Attire: EPH Apparel
Bridesmaids Attire: Renz
Groomsmen Attire: EPH Apparel
Flowers: Floral Classics
Bride's Makeup: Jeanna Tindale
Bride's Hair: The Wild Strawberry Salon
DJ: DJ Lynz
Calligraphy and Paper Goods: Daughter Zion Designs
Photography: KPushStudios


Wedding Vows - Custom Order

Today I want to share a set of wedding vows that I did this month for a custom order. And I have to be frank with you. This piece was HARD. I was working much larger than I ever have before for a calligraphy piece. Including lots and lots of words, plus the lines for their adult witnesses to sign, getting everything lined up nicely was tough. There were many rough drafts, trying to get everything lined up properly, spaced properly, and looking nice. On top of that, I had to make sure to not make any mistakes while inking the final piece. After all was said and done, rather, written and done, I got to the fun part, painting that floral border. The bride, Janelle, had given me a colour palette filled with beautiful purples and blues, and some ideas of the kind of vine and floral border she wanted. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! Whimsical and not too over the top.

Wishing Janelle and Matthew all the best on their wedding this weekend! I hope that the weather is beautiful, and that you have fun with all your family and friends!

A Succulent Wedding Suite - Charly & Nathan

Today I'm sharing a wedding invitation suite that I did this past summer for some old friends. I've known these kids for a while now, before they started dating. You can see more about them, and see their beautiful engagement photos on The Entrance Collective's Journal HERE

Charly was fun to work with, and so helpful, even though we weren't able to meet up in person at all. She and Nathan live in Victoria, B.C, but were getting married here in Ontario. She had lots of inspiration photos that she sent my way (thanks Pinterest!), and a great colour scheme. Although there was no hand lettering in her invite suite, Charly did want some hand painted elements. The succulents were a theme throughout the wedding, so it was fun including those on her invites!

They had a great idea, and cute little poem, to go with their 'gift guide'. Since the wedding was so far from their home, they requested that if anyone wanted to get them gifts, to get them gift cards to certain stores instead. After experiencing my sister's wedding, where she was in the same boat, I can definitely understand how difficult it can be to travel with pots and dishes and small appliances. I liked being able to make the little information card to match the rest of the suite.

Aren't they a beautiful bunch of people? Thanks to Ali and Nath of The Entrance Collective for sharing the wedding photos of their special day with me! Even though this was a rainy wedding day, you were able to capture the love and fun of this group of beautiful people!

How Strong My Love Is - Custom Work

I have this client, Jillian, whom I love working with. She has commissioned quite a few pieces from me, and has gifted them all as wedding presents over the last year and a bit. She manages to find out what the first dance song is going to be at each of the wedding she attends, and bases her custom pieces off those songs. She's so good at letting me play a little with design, using the inspiration she gives, either through the type of people the wedding couple are, what the wedding colours are, or what their invitations look like. 

This custom piece was for a New Years Eve wedding. I can imagine that you could have such a classy affaire on New Years, or you could have a wild party to celebrate your wedding. Jillian sent me a photo of the wedding invite for this wedding, and it was all over classy. Beautiful silver branch accents surrounded clean black script and all their details. Jillian requested that this custom piece reflect the same. I searched out silver gouache, the right one that would add just the right touch of glamour and shine to this piece. Since I couldn't find silver in my favourite brand, at least not in time to get this piece done by New Years, I went on the recommendation of my local Curry's Art Supplies store employee. They sold me on a silver gouache that still had a nice opaqueness and shine, and I was very happy with the results. (If I could find the tube in my mess of a studio right now, I'd share it with you...but unfortunately I can't, and so linking you to the brand will have to wait!)

*          *          *

If you are wanting a custom piece, head on over to the contact page HERE and shoot me an email! I'd love to work on something with you!

New Wedding Card in the Etsy Shop!

Have you been to the Etsy shop lately?  It's where I have all my greeting cards for sale!  This is a new one that I painted up this fall.  I gave the original to some excellent friends who got married this fall (more on their wedding coming in the new year!), and I liked the little doodle I came up with so much that I decided to put it up for sale in the shop.  

I find weddings a fluster sometimes, and after attending showers and other wedding related events, I'm always the one who's going to forget the gift for the actually wedding day.  I'm always rushing around last minute getting ready, getting packed (if a sleepover is involved), and making sure my hair isn't a hot mess.  This often results in me forgetting a card and a gift.  I still have a wedding gift sitting 95% finished on my shelf for friends who got married in 2010! Yes, I can be a terrible wedding day gift giver!  Other events though, I'm often on the ball.  Don't know what it is, but weddings tend to throw me for a loop.

Do you have any weddings coming up?  I'm actually kind of bummed that I only forsee one more wedding on the horizon for Josh and I to attend in the near future...and we still have to wait until the end of next summer.  It's a bummer getting old and having all your friends already married sometimes.  Now we have all moved on to babies and birthdays.  Well, maybe not all of us.  Josh and I only have a cat.

Click either of the card photos above to take you right to the greeting card shop!