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A Sibling Collaboration - Surprising my Sister with a Custom Gift

A little while before Christmas, my brother-in-law Nath contacted me to work on a collaborative piece he wanted to make for my sister's gift. I was pumped he asked me to work on something with him, and thought that he had great ideas. Thankfully, Nath is a creative person, excellent photographer, filmmaker and designer, and all around creative person. He's half of my favourite photo team, The Entrance Collective (no bias there!) and makes great videos like THIS one. 

Anyways, his idea was to layer some of my lettering over photos he took on film while vacationing in Hawaii.  He wanted some of the lyrics from the song Coasts by Oceans. The lyrics he chose, "We fell in love right by the ocean, made all our plans down on the sand" fit perfectly with the store of Nath and Ali. They met in Australia, just outside of Sydney, and had many memories made on the beach, right beside the ocean. He also had gathered some inspiration lettering samples that he sent my way. I made a moodboard, and got to work sketching for him!

I used a Pentel Art Brush, as well as Sharpie markers to start laying down ink and playing with the words. I got my Art Brush from JetPens, a great site for finding unique pens! (This is not a sponsored post, just a product I'm happy to support!) Below are the two lettering bits we had settled on, with the second being the final top pick!

Originally Nath had thought about using other lines of the lyrics, but when they got written and layered on a photo, it became too busy. I used this water photo to give us both an idea of what the lettering could look like, since we were still waiting for Nath's Hawaii film to be developed.

Below are some photos that Ali sent me of the final products Nath had printed. I really love how they turned out, and am definitely interested in collaborating with Nath (and Ali) on more projects in the future! Stay tuned for those to come!

Brush Lettering by Daughter Zion Designs X Photo by The Entrance Collective

Brush Lettering by Daughter Zion Designs X Photo by The Entrance Collective

If you are interested in any custom pieces of your own, don't hesitate to contact me! Starting April 25, 2015, I'll be taking on more custom projects! Email me on the CONTACT page, and we can start chatting!

A Succulent Wedding Suite - Charly & Nathan

Today I'm sharing a wedding invitation suite that I did this past summer for some old friends. I've known these kids for a while now, before they started dating. You can see more about them, and see their beautiful engagement photos on The Entrance Collective's Journal HERE

Charly was fun to work with, and so helpful, even though we weren't able to meet up in person at all. She and Nathan live in Victoria, B.C, but were getting married here in Ontario. She had lots of inspiration photos that she sent my way (thanks Pinterest!), and a great colour scheme. Although there was no hand lettering in her invite suite, Charly did want some hand painted elements. The succulents were a theme throughout the wedding, so it was fun including those on her invites!

They had a great idea, and cute little poem, to go with their 'gift guide'. Since the wedding was so far from their home, they requested that if anyone wanted to get them gifts, to get them gift cards to certain stores instead. After experiencing my sister's wedding, where she was in the same boat, I can definitely understand how difficult it can be to travel with pots and dishes and small appliances. I liked being able to make the little information card to match the rest of the suite.

Aren't they a beautiful bunch of people? Thanks to Ali and Nath of The Entrance Collective for sharing the wedding photos of their special day with me! Even though this was a rainy wedding day, you were able to capture the love and fun of this group of beautiful people!

A Rustic Garden Wedding Invite Suite for Olivia and David

I had the pleasure this summer to make the wedding invitations for an old friend, Olivia, and her now husband, David.  Olivia was a stunning bride, and was so easy to work with.  She sent me an inspiration photo of a bouquet she found on the internet, which she used to build her whole colour palette and overall feel of the wedding around.  Filled with soft peach and pinks, and ethereal leafy greens.  I used this bouquet inspiration to create some delicate watercolour flowers on her invitation, as well as adding a lantern on the RSVP card.  She had used lanterns as part of her centrepieces, so it tied everything together nicely.  I used a simple and clean hand lettered script for invite, as well as hand drawn map of the ceremony and reception locations.  The bride hand lettered the envelopes herself, in her own writing, which I think complimented the work that I did well.

I'm super thankful to my sister, Ali Happer, of The Entrance Collective.  She made sure to capture a quick shot of the invite suite for me on the wedding day.  Below are some more shots of the wedding that The Entrance Collective captured. 

Thank you to Emily Herron, of Love Emily Herron, for the invite suite photo styling! 

All photos in the post were taken by The Entrance Collective.  Do yourself a favour and check out more of their work!