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How to Use your Journaling Cards

I love paper, and that's no secret. If you come to my little studio, you'll see piles and stacks, plus lots and lots (and LOTS) of pens, markers, pencils and brushes. Even if I have my go to couple pens and pencils, and favourite paper,  I like to have a variety on hand. Same goes for my little journaling cards, when building my Project Life and Messy Book pages. Below you can see a little snippet of my 2014 New Year page, featuring one of my designs on a 3x4 inch card (Beautiful Things print can be found HERE). Since not everyone is familiar with the pocket style photo albums, and therefore might not be familiar with what to do with journaling cards, I thought I would share some tips for what you can do with yours! Don't have any cards? Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of this post and you'll be emailed one you can download in the April newsletter!

Continue on below for more ways you can use your journaling cards in everyday life!

Use as a Gift Tag

Sometimes I have last minute gifts that need a little card to go with them. Some little gifts don't need a full card and envelope (although sometimes those are nice too!), and a little gift tag is all that you need! Write a little something, or just a To and From with names, and you are all set! Tie up you package with ribbon or string, and slip your card in, and you have a nice little gift, with a one of a kind tag that you can be sure won't be accompanying any other gifts they receive!

Use as a Bookmark

Since I don't go to elementary school anymore, or attend Scholastic book fairs, I'm often found without a proper bookmark when I'm reading these days. I've been known to bend the corners of my pages, or use the book sleeve as a page marker. I've even used half a kleenex to keep my spot. But there's something about a real bookmark sticking out of your book. I especially like using them if I've borrow the book from a friend or the library. Cue the journaling cards again! They are a great size, and can add a little flair to the top of your books. If totally necessary, you can write notes on your card, if you don't want to write in the margins of your book.

Use it in your Bible

Finally, I like to use these little cards in my Bible! I use the card to take notes, journal feelings, or pull out a verse to highlight on the page. I can easily just tape it into my Bible, and voila! I have a decorated page. For those of you following #illustratedfaith and are wanting to do the same in your Bibles, this is an easy way to start. You don't have to worry about messing up on the pages of your Bible, you can write, or even draw, on your journaling cards, and keep them if you're happy with what you've created! I think it's a great way to start building up your confidence for painting and drawing and lettering in the margins of your Bible. 

Print your Own!

Below are three sets of 8 journaling cards that are available in the DZD shop. They are digital downloads, so after purchase, they will be emailed right to you, and you can print as many as you need! Click on any of the images below to take you to the listing for each of the sets! I loved creating these, and hope to have more available again in the future. 

If you have any other ways that you like to use your journaling cards, I'd love to know! Leave me a comment, and share your ideas with everyone!

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