How Strong My Love Is - Custom Work

I have this client, Jillian, whom I love working with. She has commissioned quite a few pieces from me, and has gifted them all as wedding presents over the last year and a bit. She manages to find out what the first dance song is going to be at each of the wedding she attends, and bases her custom pieces off those songs. She's so good at letting me play a little with design, using the inspiration she gives, either through the type of people the wedding couple are, what the wedding colours are, or what their invitations look like. 

This custom piece was for a New Years Eve wedding. I can imagine that you could have such a classy affaire on New Years, or you could have a wild party to celebrate your wedding. Jillian sent me a photo of the wedding invite for this wedding, and it was all over classy. Beautiful silver branch accents surrounded clean black script and all their details. Jillian requested that this custom piece reflect the same. I searched out silver gouache, the right one that would add just the right touch of glamour and shine to this piece. Since I couldn't find silver in my favourite brand, at least not in time to get this piece done by New Years, I went on the recommendation of my local Curry's Art Supplies store employee. They sold me on a silver gouache that still had a nice opaqueness and shine, and I was very happy with the results. (If I could find the tube in my mess of a studio right now, I'd share it with you...but unfortunately I can't, and so linking you to the brand will have to wait!)

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If you are wanting a custom piece, head on over to the contact page HERE and shoot me an email! I'd love to work on something with you!