100 day project

the 100 day project

I'm just over halfway through #the100DayProject, where you try to stick to your guns and do or make something every day for 100 days. I chose to do a painting every day for 100 days, thinking it would be totally manageable. I had a bunch of canvases sitting waiting for colour, and some wood panels too. I quickly learned that some of the sizes of substrates (what you paint on) were too big to manage successfully in a single day. I broke a few pieces into a few days, and had to switch over to some pieces on paper to get them done. I'm currently about three days behind, but am plowing through. I'm hoping to get as close to all 100 done by the beginning of July. My end date for this project if July 11, and we have major things due on the 9th, so I might have to try to paint ahead some weeks. As the warm weather showed up these last two weeks, I found it even more challenging to stay inside and work on paintings. Some were being done late at night, resulting in the need to purchase a better desk light. Some days I had to paint 4 or 5 paintings in a day just to catch up. Either way, I'm still glad that I've done this project. Next year, I think I might adjust it a little bit, if I'm going to do it again. I have so many different supplies in my studio that I'd love to work with, so I'm thinking just doing 100 days of creative things might be more suitable. I've been following along with EliseJoy, and that's what she chose for her project this year. It looks fascinating to be able to try new things, even if they fail. Go check out her instagram, and especially look at her stories, where she's documenting her project.  

In the mean time, I thought that I'd share a few of my favourites so far from this challenge. Almost all paintings are available in the shop, where you can score on an original painting for a steal of a price. I decided to keep everything I've painted for this project at $100 or less. If you've wanted an original painting by me, now is definitely the time to snag one. I'd love to see these go to some happy homes!