A Little Summer School Never Hurt Anyone

If you haven't noticed, things have been pretty quiet around here. Posts have dwindled to once a week, and soon, that might become once every two weeks. This will be only throughout the summer months, as the outside calls me, my sister in law is getting married, and we have many more guests visiting our little home. I've been doing a lot of thinking, and have decided the slowing things down around here is going to be the best. The best for my sanity, creative juices (which are flowing super slowly right now) and for my overall stress levels. I just need a break. A time to slow down, rest, and get renewed. So that means a few other things are happening around here, besides just less blogging...

Custom Orders

Unless you have some custom orders already booked with me, I will not be accepting any new custom work until the fall (official date to be announced). I touched on the idea of restructuring my custom order workflow in a previous blog post here, and I'm going to continue on that path of being more specific about the kind of work I'm taking on, as well as how much. An online calendar is in the works to launch in the fall for booking orders. 

Time in Books

I have a large LARGE pile of books I'm wanting to read this summer. I'm finishing up The New Bohemians, Wild, and Four right now, and I have The Girl on the Train, To Kill a Mockingbird, Anna Karenina, The Poisonwood Bible, The Power of a Praying Wife, and Reshaping It All in my to-read pile. I haven't read enough these last couple months, and now that's all I want to do. A good book, a cup of tea (sweet southern iced, or Lady Grey are my favourite) and my hammock creates my favourite place. I find that since I haven't been reading as much lately, that I'm feeling a little stuck when it comes to imagination. Watching less TV and reading more books allows my brain to start to thinking harder, creating imagery in my mind, and pushing my imagination a little harder, and little further.


I'm going to be filling the parts of my days where I would otherwise be working on custom work, with education. I've started creating a course load for myself, filled with a couple books and a slew of online classes. Skillshare and Lynda are my go-to for online learning, and I'm starting to learn a whole bunch of new things. Classes at the top of my list are Digitizing Calligraphy: From Sketch to Vector by Molly Suber Thorpe, Photoshop for Lettering Artisits by Foto Rx, and Techniques for Lettering with Illustrator by Spencer Charles, as well as (hopefully) Lauren Hooker's (of Elle & Co.) Illustrator course. Since I've purchased the full Adobe Creative Suite, I really want to get my feet wet in Illustrator. It's pretty intimidating, but so was Photoshop once upon a time, so I'm hoping I can handle it. I'd love to be able to get my designs into vector, which will hopefully open up more opportunities when I'm ready. I think that it's important to never stop learning, and since I haven't been on the learning end of things in a while, I'm spending the next couple months in 'summer school'. I encourage you to take a little class in something that you're interested in, expand your mind, and push yourself a little this summer too. You never know what kind of doors it may open!