Paint Nights - New Classes Available

Well it sure has been a hot minute since I've been on here, eh? Sorry friends! It's been a hectic and crazy year! We've moved, started renovations, celebrated friend's new babies, enjoyed life living on the river, participated in many craft shows, threw Christmas into the mix, and now it's already March? I'm sorry, but I honestly don't even know where the last few months have gone!

In other news, I'm now offering Paint Nights! I'm sure you've seen them sprouting up here and there (maybe a little bit everywhere), where you gather a handful of friends, have some drinks and learn how to create a painting from start to finish! I taught my first one in January, and loved it. Check out the masterpieces created by these talented ladies below! I was so impressed with them!

Student paintings - Winter Forest Night Sky

They each picked out a colour scheme that went with their homes, or colours that just resonated with them. They learned new techniques for applying paint, mixing colours, blending and detail work. I'll include some process photos in a little slideshow. There were lots of laughs, amid the wine and snacks, and after a couple hours, each lady went home with a completed painting to show off to their family. 

I'm now offering more in person Paint Night classes. New painting samples will be coming within the week, as well as a couple that are already ready! If you are interested in hosting a group for a Paint Night, please email me! I'd love to book a night with you and some friends to have as much fun as the group above did! Email me HERE or at

Paint Nights include: 2-3 hours instruction and all your supplies (canvas, paint, brushes, easels, palettes, water cups, rags, aprons). Drinks and snacks not included.
Cost: $40 per adult and $25 per child 11 and under (minimum 4 students, max 10 students). Child painters in SK and up preferred.
A deposit is required to book your date. Please email to discuss dates.

New Paint Night samples to come, but in the mean time, here are some that are currently offered!  The Sunset Palms Silhouette is a great option for kids classes too! The silhouette options are totally customizable, as I bring a worksheet of various silhouette ideas to choose from!

Winter Forest Night Sky


Island Palms

Starry Field

Sunset Palms Silhouette - Customizable!

Workshops Now Available!

Have you been wanting to learn Modern Calligraphy? Well the time is finally here! Workshops are now available, and I'll be teaching you! These workshops are going to be in an intimate setting, with in-person, hands on teaching. Every student will get a full kit, which will give them everything needed to start a new hobby in calligraphy. The basic strokes will be taught, and then perfected as lowercase and uppercase alphabets are taught, as well as the rules of traditional calligraphy. Since the classes are for modern calligraphy, those traditional rules will be broken, which will result in personal, individual lettering styles, unique to each student. 

Calligraphy is a great skill. Not only will you have a new technique to impress your friends with, but you'll also have a greater understanding of the art of lettering, and it's importance in our society! Handwriting will soon be a lost art, unless it is carried on through hobbyists and professionals...which after a little practice, could easily be you! You'll leave this workshop with a great understanding of the forms needed to create beautiful writing, which can allow you to address beautiful cards, make your own wedding invitations, or lovely pieces of artwork for gifts or your own home!

Your kit is fully included in the class cost, as well as some light refreshments. Grab a handful of friends, and let's set up a date! Classes can be held in your homes if you like, or feel free to come out to one of the pre-scheduled dates! 

Send me an email if you would like to host a class, or head over to the workshop page to look at the dates already scheduled! I hope to see you soon, and get a pen in your hand!

Class Time! I Need Your Help!

I've been getting ready this week for my first class that I'll be teaching next week! I'm still nervous (and scared) but making these little booklets, and getting everything in order is starting to calm my nerves a little bit. Plus the fact that I'm teach some students in grade 6. I know that none of them should have had any other calligraphy experience, so they won't know if I mess up! I'm looking forward to getting this class done, and having a little more confidence going into my next class!

Speaking of classes, I need your input please! Below I'm going to have a link to a small survey about classes, and what you would like to see in a calligraphy/painting/illustrated faith class and more. If you could take a couple minutes to fill it out, I would be SO GRATEFUL! I've had quite a few followers and friends asking about classes, or just little workshops, so as I try to wrap my mind around offering some workshops, I'm being left with some questions unanswered. If you could take just a couple minutes (I promise, it's not long!) to help me out, it would be so great. The survey will be open until 11:30pm EST on June 8th. Click the button below to take you the survey. Thank you so much!