the 100 day project

I'm just over halfway through #the100DayProject, where you try to stick to your guns and do or make something every day for 100 days. I chose to do a painting every day for 100 days, thinking it would be totally manageable. I had a bunch of canvases sitting waiting for colour, and some wood panels too. I quickly learned that some of the sizes of substrates (what you paint on) were too big to manage successfully in a single day. I broke a few pieces into a few days, and had to switch over to some pieces on paper to get them done. I'm currently about three days behind, but am plowing through. I'm hoping to get as close to all 100 done by the beginning of July. My end date for this project if July 11, and we have major things due on the 9th, so I might have to try to paint ahead some weeks. As the warm weather showed up these last two weeks, I found it even more challenging to stay inside and work on paintings. Some were being done late at night, resulting in the need to purchase a better desk light. Some days I had to paint 4 or 5 paintings in a day just to catch up. Either way, I'm still glad that I've done this project. Next year, I think I might adjust it a little bit, if I'm going to do it again. I have so many different supplies in my studio that I'd love to work with, so I'm thinking just doing 100 days of creative things might be more suitable. I've been following along with EliseJoy, and that's what she chose for her project this year. It looks fascinating to be able to try new things, even if they fail. Go check out her instagram, and especially look at her stories, where she's documenting her project.  

In the mean time, I thought that I'd share a few of my favourites so far from this challenge. Almost all paintings are available in the shop, where you can score on an original painting for a steal of a price. I decided to keep everything I've painted for this project at $100 or less. If you've wanted an original painting by me, now is definitely the time to snag one. I'd love to see these go to some happy homes!

Latest Illustrated Faith Pages

Today I just wanted to share a whole bunch of the latest #illustratedfaith pages from my Bible. I don't have too much to say about these, but I do encourage you to look into these packages, as well as into the worship of Illustrated Faith. At the bottom of this post, I'll give you some more information and links about Illustrated Faith, if you'd like to learn more!

Illustrated Faith is a art based form of worship that I found through Instagram. I learned about it more through Shanna Noel's blog, as well as through others on Instagram. Search the hashtag #illustratedfaith on Instagram, and search it on Pinterest too, to find lots of other Bible journaling artists. Even if you aren't artistic, I think that everyone is able to worship God through this format!

Open for Change - Customizing Pre-Existing Designs

Recently, I got a little note from a client asking about changing the colours on some of my pre-existing prints that I have listed in my shop. I have had other clients ask about removing a border, or changing the words, but keeping the style and design the same, but this was the first time I had been asked about changing the colours of a specific print. The client loved the design of my Be Still piece, but was wondering if it was possible to make it have the writing in black, and the leaves in yellow. At first I thought to myself, Oh, I'm going to have to repaint this piece exactly like the first one, but with the new colours, thinking about how much time that would have to take, and trying to estimate the pricing for her. But then I had a duh moment, and remembered the beauty of Photoshop. I could keep the costs down for my client, and maintain the exact style of the original piece. Keeping the look of watercolour painting and variation in the leaves was important to me. With a little playing around, I managed to come up with the colours that she loved and was happy with.

This whole process got me thinking though. How many others of you out there have ever thought about asking for a colour change of a print you love? Not even one of my prints, necessarily. I thought it was pretty brave of my client to reach out and ask, as typically that's not something that I would have ever done. I usually look at what a shop has to offer, and think that I'm limited the variations that they list as being available, and believe that's all that I have to choose from. Having the opportunity to ask, especially with the non confrontational ease of email, makes it quick, easy, and harmless. I will have to reconsider doing it more often in the future.

So now you know that all it takes is a little bit of typing, and you can hopefully change a piece to fit you and your style perfectly. Ask away, I won't mind! And if it's possible, I will change a piece to meet your needs!

How Strong My Love Is - Custom Work

I have this client, Jillian, whom I love working with. She has commissioned quite a few pieces from me, and has gifted them all as wedding presents over the last year and a bit. She manages to find out what the first dance song is going to be at each of the wedding she attends, and bases her custom pieces off those songs. She's so good at letting me play a little with design, using the inspiration she gives, either through the type of people the wedding couple are, what the wedding colours are, or what their invitations look like. 

This custom piece was for a New Years Eve wedding. I can imagine that you could have such a classy affaire on New Years, or you could have a wild party to celebrate your wedding. Jillian sent me a photo of the wedding invite for this wedding, and it was all over classy. Beautiful silver branch accents surrounded clean black script and all their details. Jillian requested that this custom piece reflect the same. I searched out silver gouache, the right one that would add just the right touch of glamour and shine to this piece. Since I couldn't find silver in my favourite brand, at least not in time to get this piece done by New Years, I went on the recommendation of my local Curry's Art Supplies store employee. They sold me on a silver gouache that still had a nice opaqueness and shine, and I was very happy with the results. (If I could find the tube in my mess of a studio right now, I'd share it with you...but unfortunately I can't, and so linking you to the brand will have to wait!)

*          *          *

If you are wanting a custom piece, head on over to the contact page HERE and shoot me an email! I'd love to work on something with you!

Serve the Lord - New Custom Work and Prints

When an old friend Kelly, whom I’ve known since she was born, messaged me with an idea for a custom piece for her home, I was pretty excited to see what she wanted. As newlyweds, Kelly and her husband Cody, wanted a piece to remind them of their wedding day. She sent me some inspiration photos, and the selected verse, and I got to work.

Kelly sent me a photo of her beautiful wedding bouquet, and requested a floral  garland to be included underneath the verse that they had picked out. I pulled the white gerber daisies (with intense black centres), as well as the purple and blue hydrangeas. She was very specific in requesting that no pastels be included in her piece, and they preferred rich, bright, and bold colours. 

It was a pleasure to also be able to letter a verse that is a favourite in our home as well. This verse from Joshua 24:15 “As for me and my household we will serve the Lord” means a lot to my husband and me too. Kelly wanted a thicker script, and I added a slight emphasis on the last two words of the verse, making a mental note to those who read this piece that ‘the Lord’ is the central idea. It is He who is the centre, the truth, and the grounding force in our homes.

I enjoyed making this piece, and loved how it turned out so much, that I thought that I would make it available to all of you as well! You can pick up this piece in the shop, now available in three different sizes. A declaration of faith to hang in your home! Get it HERE, or by clicking the image immediately above!

*          *          *

If you are interested in a custom piece of your own, don't hesitate to ask! I love to work with clients on creating a custom piece of art for their home that they are going to love. Send me an email HERE through the contact form, and we can start chatting about the design process!