A New Name

Things have been very quiet around here, but that’s because I’ve been busy taking care of our new little baby! Prior to giving birth, I had been working my way through my 100 Day Project, and was trying to get through the whole project before our little one arrived. I managed to paint for 89 of the 100 days, and felt pretty happy with that progress. You can see most of the paintings from that project here, and grab any you might like! They are still on special project pricing, so you have the opportunity to get an original painting for under $100.

If you haven’t noticed, I’ve also made a little change in the name of this site, cutting ties with the brand of DZD, and starting to create under my own name. With the transition of becoming a mother, I felt like I needed a change in this little business as well. I needed to hold onto the identity of who I am, with a label than encompasses all labels anyone can give me…my name.

Soon, you will see a new website title too.
I hope to have the current site forward over to that one,
but perhaps bookmarking the new site on your end will be helpful too!

I have thought about changing over my business to my name for a long time now. Along with transitioning to a new name, I’m going to be adding new kinds of work that will be available. To be honest, I’m feeling burnt out on the older work of DZD that I had been creating. I was longing to make new kinds of paintings, work with new mediums, and push the current boundaries that I feel are in place with my older work. That is where my 100 Day Project came in. I used that opportunity to start making a totally new kind of work, far from my watercolour flowers and lettering. You’ll be seeing work in acrylics and oils, and on canvases and wood panels. This allows for more freedom of sizes, easy to hang paintings, and more abstract pieces. Commissions will be on hold for a while, as I’m technically still on maternity leave, and enjoying life with the little one.

I hope that you come along with me on my journey, and love seeing the new work as much as I’m loving making it.

Here’s some of my favourites from the 100 Day collection, some of which are still available.