Class Time! I Need Your Help!

I've been getting ready this week for my first class that I'll be teaching next week! I'm still nervous (and scared) but making these little booklets, and getting everything in order is starting to calm my nerves a little bit. Plus the fact that I'm teach some students in grade 6. I know that none of them should have had any other calligraphy experience, so they won't know if I mess up! I'm looking forward to getting this class done, and having a little more confidence going into my next class!

Speaking of classes, I need your input please! Below I'm going to have a link to a small survey about classes, and what you would like to see in a calligraphy/painting/illustrated faith class and more. If you could take a couple minutes to fill it out, I would be SO GRATEFUL! I've had quite a few followers and friends asking about classes, or just little workshops, so as I try to wrap my mind around offering some workshops, I'm being left with some questions unanswered. If you could take just a couple minutes (I promise, it's not long!) to help me out, it would be so great. The survey will be open until 11:30pm EST on June 8th. Click the button below to take you the survey. Thank you so much!