Behind the Scenes - Brush Lettering Sketches

I thought that I would share with you some behind the scenes of my Good Friday and Easter Sunday posts a couple weekends ago. Even though the posts were little, without anything written to accompany the photos and lettering, I knew that I wanted to still share something to mark both of those days.

I did a lot of different lettering, with different supplies, to try to make something to go with the sentiments of both Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I used my Sakura Koi Water Brush which I currently have filled with watered down sumi ink. Some similar options for water brushes are this one, these ones, or this Pentel Pocket Brush pen, which already has ink in it, or the Pentel Colour Brush. Both of the Pentel pens have a nice rich black ink in them, but I preferred a watered down black, so I mixed my own ink.

The thinner lettering was done with a simple black Sharpie Fine Point marker. I don't really love the look that this marker created, which made me want to get one of the newer Sharpie Brush Markers so badly. Being left handed, I really struggle with brush markers, but as I play more and more with them, I'm slowly just figuring out what works best with me, and with my writing style. I have to step away from fluid writing, like your typical script writing, and treat the lettering more in little swipes, similar to using a pointed pen dipped in ink.

I like that I'm able to share these little lettered sketches with you, after you were able to see the final product. I love seeing the sketching process of other artists, so I think that I'm going to continue to share more too. I wish that I had other steps of this lettering process, but I'll be honest, and let you know that there really aren't any! There was no pencil sketching and refining first. I just dove right in and started writing. For other projects I'll start with pencil, and have a few layers of refinement before settling on a final design. But for most of my brush lettering, I just write it, scan it, and create a clean white background for it to lay on in Photoshop. Hopefully for the next Behind the Scenes, I'll have more scenes for you to actually see! 

Hope you have a great weekend! I'll be outside enjoying this sunshine (FINALLY!) and the smells of spring. My flowers have peeked their little green heads through the dirt, and I'm looking forward to planting some buddies for them soon.

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