Grace Upon Grace - New Print in the Shop!

I've had this verse inked and saved on my computer for a while now, just waiting for the time to paint some pretties to adorn it. I just couldn't come up with something (I was also without spare time to make up anything!) I guess I was also feeling slightly uninspired. It's been so cold, and I've been working on projects that just aren't my style, and I was struggling to get back into my groove. So in the mean time, I was pinning inspiration florals to my Pinterest boards, to go back to at other times, times like this. Thank you Pinterest, for allowing to keep my hard drive free of all the images I want to hold on to for inspiration.

I chose to paint some little lilacs to go with this verse. Lilacs remind me of spring, and I love watching the new buds of all the new kinds of growth peeking through the snow and muddy ground, and popping up on the barren trees. It reminds me of grace, the grace from God. We don't deserve any of God's love, because we as humans are just awful, yet, He keeps giving it to us, no matter what the day looks like. Just like the new growth, grace looks out of place in our rotten filled lives. Somehow, God's love peeks through our rottenness, and we have the chance to grow, to bloom. 

This print is now available in the Shop. You can get it three different sizes, mailed right to your home! Let it be a reminder of God's grace in your life too.