Illustrated Faith - Lamp and Light

Even the darkness is not dark to you - Psalm 139:12

Last week I shared about a new challenge of sorts that I was starting on. It's called Illustrated Faith, and it is a new way of reading your Bible and worshiping God through art. Leading the reins of Illustrated Faith is Shanna Noel. On her blog, she documents the pages from her journaling Bible, as well as offering readers tips and tricks about creating art on its pages. She shares a review of different pens for writing in the pages, most importantly sharing which pens are best for not bleeding through the pages, the different paints available to use on the pages and how they compare, as well as videos and tutorials from other Bible artists

When I opened up my fresh new Bible, I will have to admit that I was seriously intimidated. I wasn't scared about writing in my Bible, I'm often underlining and taking notes in the margins. I know some people are against writing in their Bibles, but I am not one of those people. I was scared that I was going to make some ugly, and that I wouldn't want to look at it ever again. And I knew that if I did make something I didn't like, I couldn't just paint over it with opaque paint. The pages of this Bible are thin, and become more fragile the wetter they get. I also had to think hard about the layering that I would be doing, and which supplies to use, again, to not pile too much on the paper. 

Once I figured out which supplies I could use, I felt stuck once again. Where to I start? Which verse do I concentrate on? I did my She Reads Truth devotional, and hoped that there would be something in there that would inspire a little lettering for me. I was still without. I decided to set my supplies and Bible aside, and try again a little later. I dove into some blogs that I wanted to catch up on, specifically Kristin Schmucker's blog. I was cruising through her posts, and noticed that she had started an accountability hashtag #lampandlight. Here's a little post about the FAQs of the hashtag, and what it means. I loved the idea, and it instantly inspired me. 

So here's a little sneak peek of the first little Bible art journaling I did inspired by #lampandlight. I decided that I wanted to letter the 'classic' lamp and light verse, Psalm 119:105 in my Bible, but I wanted to highlight a different, accompanying verse to go with it. I chose Psalm 139:12, "even the darkness is not dark to you; the night is bright as the day, for darkness is as light with you." I found this verse shows the great power that God has over all his creation. Living near in a small town in the country, I have seen dark. Moonless nights out in a field, with no light but the twinkling of stars. It is dark. Really dark. And its wild crazy to me that to God, that was nothing. Not dark at all. I can't even wrap my mind around it. I just sit in awe and wonder about His power. Don't you?

I'm hoping to share more little bits of my own travels through Illustrated Faith. I've already painted/lettered a couple other pages, and am building up a little more confidence about sharing them with you. 

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