Wedding Vows - Custom Order

Today I want to share a set of wedding vows that I did this month for a custom order. And I have to be frank with you. This piece was HARD. I was working much larger than I ever have before for a calligraphy piece. Including lots and lots of words, plus the lines for their adult witnesses to sign, getting everything lined up nicely was tough. There were many rough drafts, trying to get everything lined up properly, spaced properly, and looking nice. On top of that, I had to make sure to not make any mistakes while inking the final piece. After all was said and done, rather, written and done, I got to the fun part, painting that floral border. The bride, Janelle, had given me a colour palette filled with beautiful purples and blues, and some ideas of the kind of vine and floral border she wanted. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out! Whimsical and not too over the top.

Wishing Janelle and Matthew all the best on their wedding this weekend! I hope that the weather is beautiful, and that you have fun with all your family and friends!