Practice Makes Perfect - Building an Alphabet For You!

Hope you had a great long weekend! And Valentine's Day too! My Saturday was spent doodling with my brush pen, while Josh watched surfing all day. Our Valentine's got bumped to Sunday, which was nice, and more personal. I woke up to flowers and a sprinkled doughnut, and then treated to new (red!) boots from the boy. He's too sweet. 

In my doodling, for extremely late Valentine's Day downloads (which didn't even happen...sorry!), I started to writing the alphabet over and over again in different styles. I'm thinking that I'm going to create something awesome for you to use in your own work, however you like, in creating a little mini font! Or a few different styles of brush lettering for you to download and use! I'm pretty pumped, but I know that it's going to take me some time, so please be patient. I'll let you know when it's all ready! Above is a little sneak peek at some very rough drafts. These were painted late in the evening, in poor light, so they will definitely get refined and reworked. I'm looking forward to sharing these mini fonts with you when they are all complete!