Answered Prayers - A 'War Room' Inspired Family Heirloom

I haven't seen the film "War Room" yet (waiting until our church has it in January!), so I wasn't totally familiar with this commission when I was first approached. However, the concept was clear, and the message is simple. When Janel reached out on Instagram looking for someone to create a custom piece for her home, I was so honoured when she chose me!

The idea of the piece is to create a list on answered prayers. I love the idea of having this up in your home, hopefully creating a spark for conversation with visitors into your home. 

I've decided that it would be a great idea to offer a customizable version of this piece to list in the shop. You can customize it with your family's name, or anything else (at the bottom of the piece). This is an 11 x 14 inch printed piece. Order yours in the shop, HERE.