Business Chats - Thoughtfulness

Do you know what's a long word to write out? Thoughtfulness. That's the word for today's Business Chats

Thoughtfulness - (adjective) Showing consideration for others; considerate

For me, and my business, thoughtfulness means going above and beyond to help someone, whether it be a client, a prospective customer, or even a friend. I try to offer extra ideas and suggestions, but without overstepping or putting down the client's ideas that they may ave brought to the table.

When working on custom pieces, I try to have the clients provide as many ideas as they can, so that they can feel like they contributed to a major part of the piece. I find this especially important for time when the custom order is going to be a gift. I want to make sure that whoever is commissioning the piece feel that they are instrumental in the gifted piece, and what it's going to look like. 

On Etsy, or through email from my contact page, when someone contacts me to start talking about a potential project, I don't mind walking the client through every single step, in detail. Sometimes, it can be their first time every using Etsy, and don't really know how to navigate the website. In the past, I have directed them through every little bit of the website, through looking for certain pieces (which may not even be my work!), to helping them add items to their cart and complete the checkout process. I don't mind taking the extra time to type out all of these directions, because I know that there's a chance that it could be beneficial in the future. They maybe feel less intimidated the next time they come looking for something in my, or someone else's, shop, and having that confidence behind their computer can be the difference between a sale or not. 

Sometimes, thoughtfulness can also mean adding little treats into your orders. I've had notes from customers telling me long background stories regarding their custom orders. Some have even brought me to tears! It's these people, who have taken the time to share a little bit more about themselves, and their stories, that make me want to go the extra step and through a little something extra into their order. Whether this be a little card, or a discount coupon, or even free shipping, it feels good knowing that you can make someone smile a little bit bigger when they open their package.

Even my packaging I like to make special. I take the time to make my shipping envelopes a little prettier, letter the recipients name in a way that makes them feel important. To me, thoughtfulness is making someone's day shine just a teeny bit brighter, and that can be finding a beautiful envelope in their mailbox one day, instead of the usual bills and flyers.

What do you do to add a little more thoughtfulness into your interactions with others? 

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