2 Years of Creating with Daughter Zion Designs & a Giveaway!

Well here we are, on the 2nd anniversary of Daughter Zion Designs officially becoming an Etsy shop!  I remember the week before launching my shop, I was down in North Carolina visiting some friends, and thinking daily about the day after we were to go home being my launch date. I was slightly freaking out in my head every day on that little vacation, and going over the notes I had taken about opening a shop, creating inventory, and thinking about failing. You see, I didn't have much confidence in myself, despite having lots of people telling me to just do it! I've never been one that's too confident in her work. Throughout school projects, jobs, life goals, I've just never been proud of anything that I created. Sure, I've liked some pieces, although, to be honest, most of them I don't know why I got the grades that I did. I didn't see the skill that my teachers and professors did, and I was constantly comparing myself to the other students and people around me. I thought that they were doing better, creating better, and that I just didn't deserve any credit for my work. 

Comparison is the thief of joy
— Theodore Roosevelt

Today I woke up to two different people posting about comparison. Yes, I've heard the quote a hundred time, but it just hasn't resonated with me like it did this morning. Corina shared about it in her post today, talking about how this quote should be a mantra in daily life. Hop on over to instagram, and I see one of my favourite suppliers, Paper Ink Arts post about it too! Granted, Paper Ink Arts were wanting to talk about comparing supplies, but they still made note of the quote, which helped to re-register it in my brain. I'm going to try to adopt Corina's thinking of making this a daily mantra, and use comparison only within my own work.  

Below I've posted three images of work from my past. All three are still available in the shop, but I feel like they each definitely show a progression.  The first two pieces are some of my oldest works, and are in the path towards retirement.  The third piece (mumford and sons) was a custom order that I fell in love with, and will keep in the shop for a while longer.  I can still see mistakes in that I want to change, and maybe someday I will. For now though, I will aim to create better work than this, and push myself into different styles, and options, that the shops will offer.

I hope you stay tuned to see all the new stuff coming! And for a special treat, I'm going to to an anniversary giveaway for all you loyal followers! Use the rafflecopter below to enter to win! It's open to all Canada and US residents, and will be open until January 20, 2015 at 12:00AM! I'll select a winner next week, and you will get to chose a 5x7 AND an 8x10 print of your choice!!