Pink and Gold Gold Gold!

I was so so excited when Jen sent me a note asking about a custom piece for her home.  She wanted a bright fuchsia pink background, with originally black lettering.  As I was painting the pink on the watercolour paper, I thought that this piece would look awesome in GOLD!  So I messaged her, and somehow convinced her to go with gold for the lettering.  I used gold gouache (Windsor & Newton Designers Gouache in Gold), and painted it on slightly watered down.  I love that it retains a beautiful shimmer, as I believe all metallics should.  It also goes on nice and opaque in one coat, which was excellent for covering the pink background.  

Jen chose a quote from the film The Notebook, a beautiful quote about love.  I had freedom in the lettering style, stepping slightly away from straight calligraphy.  I have done some other pieces for her in the past, so I thought doing some different lettering would help create more interest in her gallery wall that she's creating in her home.

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