Painting for Me

I took the last two days to just paint for myself.  Sure, I did do a little bit of a custom project for a client, but it was different than something I usually tackle, so that was ok.  I've been feeling a little overwhelmed lately.  I've been busy, really busy, which is great.  But I feel like I've been too busy, and therefore missing out on life.  Add the cold summer that we've been having to the mix, and I am completely shocked that it's now the last day of July, and I can count how many times I've been swimming in our lake on one hand.  This just does not work.  I need the freedom to float and paddle, and glide through the water.  Last summer it happened almost daily, sometimes more than once a day.  I mean, this is why we moved up here right?  To be fed by the power of the water in that lake.  To be inspired by the stunning sunsets that God creates for us all every evening.  There's something spiritually magical when you are in the water, and the sky is lit up with hundreds of pastel shades, which sometimes can be on the verge of neon.  I just feel like I've been missing that fuel this year.  So I took the last two days, rearranged the little studio space that I have, and set up my easel again. 

This painting is special to me, as well as the second one I did, which I'll show later.  There's about 4 different paintings on the canvas, as I just kept going over and over them again, even though I though I was finished.  It actually took a long time to decide if this final piece truly was the final.  It's built up of so many layers.  I felt like each new layer that I painted was a layer that I was peeling off of myself.  It was renewing, reinvigorating, and refreshing.  I went to bed each night content, and woke up ready to take on a new day, a new routine.  And for that, I'm so thankful.