New Wedding Card in the Etsy Shop!

Have you been to the Etsy shop lately?  It's where I have all my greeting cards for sale!  This is a new one that I painted up this fall.  I gave the original to some excellent friends who got married this fall (more on their wedding coming in the new year!), and I liked the little doodle I came up with so much that I decided to put it up for sale in the shop.  

I find weddings a fluster sometimes, and after attending showers and other wedding related events, I'm always the one who's going to forget the gift for the actually wedding day.  I'm always rushing around last minute getting ready, getting packed (if a sleepover is involved), and making sure my hair isn't a hot mess.  This often results in me forgetting a card and a gift.  I still have a wedding gift sitting 95% finished on my shelf for friends who got married in 2010! Yes, I can be a terrible wedding day gift giver!  Other events though, I'm often on the ball.  Don't know what it is, but weddings tend to throw me for a loop.

Do you have any weddings coming up?  I'm actually kind of bummed that I only forsee one more wedding on the horizon for Josh and I to attend in the near future...and we still have to wait until the end of next summer.  It's a bummer getting old and having all your friends already married sometimes.  Now we have all moved on to babies and birthdays.  Well, maybe not all of us.  Josh and I only have a cat.

Click either of the card photos above to take you right to the greeting card shop!