Recent custom work

I realized that the fall has just zipped by, and I haven't shared any of my recent custom work I have worked on!  Kimberly ordered these three pieces, and they were a fun challenge to create.  The first piece came with the first challenge, painting clouds.  Watercolour has it's challenges to begin with, but creating clouds in any medium is difficult.  I painted and painted and painted clouds until the cows came home (what does that even mean! Sorry dairy farm mom and grandparents.. you raised too much of a city girl to understand that expression!).  I watched YouTube videos of how to paint clouds in watercolour, but they just whipped up clouds as if they were Bob Ross's happy little trees.  Made it look nice and easy, but it wasn't as easy in practice.  Finally, I figured out a way that I was happy with, and little clouds were created for the centre of the scripture Kimberly has picked out.

Her second piece was a large verse by C. S. Lewis about a palace.  Second piece came with two challenges for me!  Fitting a long quote inside a piece of architecture.  I'm not one to paint buildings, and creating a custom castle inspired by two castles that were favourites of Kimberly's, was interesting and fun.  It pushed my boundaries of comfort, but in a good way.  It was nice to try out something else!  Thankfully this was a larger piece, and it gave me the room to work with on the large verse.

Finally, her third piece was a nice little piece of a more classic Daughter Zion Designs style.  Give me some watercolour florals and black ink any day, and I'm good.  Kimberly requested these star-gazer lilies, and I loved painting them!  It definitely made up for the flowers that decided to not bloom in my garden this year.  Having these colourful beauties bloom in my studio was a nice treat!

Thanks Kimberly for your order!

Interested in a custom order for yourself or a loved one?  Send me a note HERE and I'd be happy to start working on something for you!  

(NOTE: Custom order paintings for the Christmas season are currently fully booked... but I'm taking order for the new year now!)