Dreaming of Gold

I've been seriously absent from this little piece of the internet, and I totally have no excuses.  Life hasn't been terribly exciting, and I've been away from the computer.  My days have been filled with babysitting my beautiful niece and nephew, making our own long weekends with great friends, travelling to see family and celebrate birthdays, and playing lots of video games.  Well, the hubs was playing lots of video games, and I was settling into the couch with knitting needles and crochet hooks.  I'm totally converting to the fuzzies of yarn, and definitely escaped the inks for a while.  

In the midst of all of this, two of our great friends got engaged over new years, and I've been blessed by being asked to join in the festivities through standing as a bridesmaid, as well as invite and paper goods designer.  Thankfully, it's brought me back to my desk for a little messy finger work.  One of the main colours of this wedding is going to be gold, and I'm totally falling in love with each shimmery bit of it.  I just want to make everything gold!  It's totally surprising, since I've always been a diehard anti-gold pro-silver girl, through and through.  But I think I'm completely converting.  Bring on the gold!  It's so so lovely!  Can't wait to share the final pieces after the wedding!