Happy National Handwriting Day!

Sorry I've been incredibly absent lately.  Even this post was supposed to go up yesterday!  I don't always like to use the "I'm busy" excuse, so I'm not going to now.  I have been in a blogging lull, working on new projects for the shop, a whole new look for the blog, and creating a new website focusing on my work, and the new projects.  Plus, I feel like I'm still on Christmas break leftovers, trying to get in more visits with friends (who got engaged while they were here!! yay! I'm honoured to be a bridesmaid for her!), playing lots and lots of N64 with our friends while we try to escape the bitter cold, plus trying to spend more time with my husband, especially this week, since he's off north for a few days this weekend for work.  Throw in a few custom orders, thoroughly cleaning the house, extremely thoroughly, and planning an office reorganization.  Whew.  And I feel like I'm just starting to cross things off my to do list.

Yesterday was National Handwriting Day, so I thought that I'd include my handwriting as part of a little celebration for the art of handwritten letters.  I think that 'National....Day' holidays are really funny.  Which nation declared it, when so many nations often celebrate.  I know my instagram was lighting up with all the different calligraphers around the world, celebrating this day.  Whatever the national day, I've decided that I want a little bit of everyday of my life to be national handwriting day.  I am going to practice more and more, build a couple unique styles, and really build a portfolio, to partner with my new projects.  I can't wait to show you what I'm working on!  I can't yet though, until my sister gets a special little package in the mail.  She gets first peeks at one of the new projects, and first critique!  Oh, I can't wait until it can be released!

Off to bundle up with some Netflix!  It's been extremely cold this week, (last night was -43*C with the wind chill!!), and there's been lots of tea and hot chocolate, toques being worn in the house, layers of sweaters, and cuddling under blankets watching movies.  We watched all 7 Saw movies in three days.  We had to, since Josh was in the final film, but wanted to be able to follow the series all together, so we wouldn't forget anything.  So glad we did.  So many story overlaps and twists!  Almost as many overlaps as there is blood!  So much blood.  It's so good though!