Recent Sketchbook Pages

I've been spending all my free studio time playing with my inks and getting my fingers nice and colourful.  I love the glossy texture that they leave, and how smooth my favourite pens write on top of them.  The gel pens just glide over the ink so smoothly.  I love that the white shows up so opaque over the backgrounds that I've created.  

I painted almost all of these pages with my hands, and a couple elements with some different brushes.  There's also a couple stickers layered in there too.  I have a whole pile of ephemera to stick in there, and layer within each page, but I can't make myself do it!  I just want to get my fingers all messy, all the time.  Most of these pages are just for me, but I like that I can share them with you too!
My sketchbook of choice for painting with inks is Moleskine's Folio A4 Sketchbook, a hardcovered, large book with heavy smooth paper.  Inks go on like butter!