Treat New Supplies!

A couple weeks ago I ordered some new nibs, and a fancy wooden nib holder.  Today, they finally came in the mail!  And, oh man, that holder is so much more comfortable that the thinner straight holder's I've been using.  There's definitely less hand cramping, and it's just so smooth and silky against my skin!  The nib I picked up is a Nikko G, and the holder is the Thick Wood Pen Holder, both from John Neal Bookseller.  I also snagged the Zebra G nib, but haven't been using it as much yet as the Nikko.  The Nikko is such an upgrade from my generic old Speedball nibs, and I feel so much more grown up in my craft buying supplies from a calligraphy supplier, instead of just the art store.  (I really love my Curry's art store though!)

I also just signed up for my first Skillshare class, learning The Art of Modern Calligraphy with Molly Jacques.  I already feel such a vast improvement after my first day of practice!  I don't know if it's the new supplies, or how silky the ink is as it glides across my paper, but Molly breaks stuff down in a way that's perfect for me.  Plus she has templates that I can print out, and trace over with my Layout Paper.  (This stuff is seriously the best!)  

Here's a little snapshot of some of my (smudgy) practice sheets.  I still have a ways to go, obviously, and I have to develop my own personal calligraphy style.  I'm in love with my new class and supplies, and just ordered a bunch of new fancy nibs from Paper & Ink Arts to try out, so I can't wait for those to come in the mail.

This isn't a sponsored post, just my opinions on some stuff I'm currently loving.  I do recommend that you skip the line at Michael's or another big craft store, and purchase real tools and real supplies from a company that specializes in a specific medium.  Plus, Michael's is ridiculously expensive (most of their art supplies are TWICE as much money as the same stuff at Curry's.  This is why it seems so sweet when Michael's puts out their coupons.  They are not anything special.) Support the smaller companies!