Painting Flowers All Day Long

I'm been painting my butt off this week, getting ready for Christmas, as well as pumping out my everyday orders, and I'm totally loving it.  I feel more and more blessed every day that I get to do this.  I've been pushing myself beyond just black ink, and just letters.  I got this great new book, The Watercolor Flower Artist's Bible, which I've mentioned about before. Now that I've finally cracked it open, I've completely fallen in love.

The response from my desktop calendar giveaway has been so much better than I expected.  I hope that you all have beautiful computer screens to look at every day now.  Some of the suggestions that I've had as part of this little painting I made have been that everyone wants to buy a 2014 calendar.  So now I have another project that I've added to the list, and sorry other projects, but the calendar paintings have definitely jumped to the top of my list.  Making these paintings have been so much fun!  I'm in love with the new watercolours I picked up a few weeks ago (they stay moist so long!  Yes, MOIST.  I'm not scared of that word, haha.)  I'm going to be making two different calendars with the same flowery backgrounds.  One will be filled with pieces of scripture to reflect upon and learn from each month, and the second is going to be filled with inspirational and timeless quotes.  I hope to have these finished soon, and up in the shop as quickly as I can!  

Here's some sneak peeks at some of the page backgrounds I've been working on.  
Hope you have a wonderful weekend!