Christmas is Coming!

These last two days, while Josh was working insane hours, I was inking and colouring for hours and hours on end.  Last night when I realized that maybe I should stop for the night A) because it was 1 in the morning, and B) because my hand was cramped in a pen-holding position, even though I was no longer holding my pen.  I think that it's suffice to say that I worked a little too long lettering things.  I'm happy to say though, that it was all worth it.  I have so many new designs made, a whole bunch of new scripture pieces, some quilty themed cards for the lovely ladies at my mom's store, and as the picture below shows, I've started creating a bunch of Christmas cards!  That last one freaked me out a little bit.   I mean, it's the middle of October, we're just about to celebrate our (Canadian!) Thanksgivings this weekend, and all week it's been over 20*C.  Thinking about Christmas these days is just a little freaky.

If you're wanting anything special for Christmas this year, I suggest that you contact me sooner rather than later.  The post office gets really busy, and I'm feeling that my schedule is going to tighten up a lot over the next month or two.  So get your orders in fast, because I would love to make something beautiful for you all, but I don't want you to miss out on it due to time restraints!