Words on the Wall: Chapter Three

in this world you will have trouble, but take heart!  I have overcome the world.  ..john 16:33..
I think that I've been feeling the stress a little.  Not that I lead a very stressful life.  I mean, I live in a cozy little home that we've made our own, in a quiet (mostly) little beach town, I get to do what I love, working from home, and spend most days with my husband by my side, as he's often home too.  We aren't rich, but we aren't without, and we are surrounded by the greatest friends and family.  Yet, I think these past couple weeks, I've felt the stress creep in a little bit.  I'm not one to get stressed, and I think it's only every happened a little bit during university exam time, and a little wedding prep stressed happened as well.  But I see bits of it show itself on my skin and my hair, in the way I keep the house, and the way I show my love.  But I just can't put a finger on why.  There's still a little troublesome feeling brewing deep inside.  It could be the weight of feelings on my mind, feelings from words by others, feelings of words swirling inside my head, and feelings of wonder if I'm doing the right thing.  The only thing that I know for sure is that there will always be a constant in my life, and that is the Word.  This verse from John carries my favourite phrase "take heart."  It means to find comfort, find encouragement, to feel hope.  I know that this stress will not be the end of me.  There is better stuff to come.  There is a better life to come.  There is more to this world that what we see.  I know that I was not made for this world, and because of that I will obviously find trouble.  But I will take heart, and know, that there is One who has overcome, and will see me through it all.