Sketchbooks on the Beach

Last week was crazy ridiculously hot outside, and I was in full on melting mode.  It was so scorching in the sun that I mostly hid out in the house, sitting in front of a fan, and taking multiple cold showers.  I only made it to the beach in the evenings to catch the killer sunsets and practice surf paddling with friends.  Thankfully it cooled down a bit for the weekend, which was perfect timing to have some friends up.  Once Monday came around, all Josh and I wanted to do for the afternoon was relax on the sand, and pretty much do nothing.  Since I'm not always so good at just laying out on the beach, I generally bring a book and some tunes.  This time though, I brought a pad of paper and some pens.  Josh grabbed a quick shot of me working away on some sketches (and my tan), and I thought that I would share.
First up is some new graphic ideas for this here blog, which I'm hoping are going to work out the way that I see them in my head.  

Below is some gardenias (with a little striped glimpse of a tiger shark) I was sketching out for some tattoo ideas.  The ink is probably still a far way off, but I still think about it daily, and am going to keep drawing it over and over again until I draw it exactly the way that I want.
This was part of a quick sketch I was working on for a custom order.  I LOVE getting custom orders, because I don't have to think up the words to write.  If you are interested in a little piece of custom hand drawn quotes for your house, or for a gift, I'd love to work something out for you!