Why Entrepreneurs Need Vacations

I've recently been listening to the Being Boss podcast by Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon while at the gym and while painting, and I'm in love. Not only are these girls more real, and come across less 'pinterest perfect', but they are also great online mentors for creative entrepreneurs. One of the episodes that resonated with me the most this week was about growing your business while on vacation. Given that Josh and I spent the day packing for a little surf trip this weekend, I started to think about all the work that I've got to do while we are gone. Yep, I'm bringing work on our little vacation. But that doesn't mean that I'm actually going to do any of it.

Be Prepared, But Don't Be Pressured

I have made a list of some of the work that I'd love to get done, and packed the supplies that I might need to get it all done. I've made sure I have all my notes about custom orders I have on the go, and inspiration for new ideas I want to paint, and some embellishments and paints for making some Illustrated Faith pages. I have no idea what kind of time I'll have on my hands this weekend. Last year's contest rained a lot, and I ended up spending time in the hotel room instead of on the beach. This year, I wanted to be prepared for any downtime to occur, in case I'm feeling creative and can make art (and not just watch the Food Network all day). I don't want to feel like I should have brought stuff, and didn't. However, in planning to be prepared, I'm also making sure that I'm not being pressured. I'm not putting any deadlines on myself to get specific things done while I'm away. I want to make sure that I take the time to my mind, rest my body, and rest my creativity. Sometimes the best work can come after a dry spell. I'm hoping that the forced break will allow my brain to relax a little, catch up on the zillions of thoughts that keep racing through it day in and day out.

Be Inspired with New Surroundings

I'm hoping that my time at the beach this weekend will inspire me in new ways. I've been pretty cooped up in my little studio for the last couple months. It's been a long, very cold winter. It's been tough finding inspiration, without wanting to go any many adventures, breathe in the fresh outdoor air, and see new things. Even though spring has finally sprung, it's still slowly creeping out of the dirt, and the new season hasn't started enough to fully arouse inspiration in my just yet. I'm hoping that having new surroundings, down on the seashore, will pull a little more inspiration and creativity out of me.

Be Relaxed and Less Stressed

The perfect goal of any vacation is to be relaxed and less stressed. Even though I'm bringing (potential) work with me on this trip, I still am holding to that goal. Primarily, I'm using the time to recharge, cheer on my husband as he does what he loves, and to be renewed. I'm just going to sit back and enjoy God's beautiful creation. Bringing my Illustrated Faith supplies allows me to create pages in my Bible as I take in His creationHaving my supplies available to be while away allows me to still create work as I am inspired. 

Do you have any special ways that you like to recharge and be inspired? I'd love to hear your ideas. Leave your thoughts in the comments to share!