Desktop Art You Should Be Checking Out

Even though I have my own desktop downloads that I have available to you for free on the site (see May's HERE) I still wanted to share with you today my favourite place for getting beautiful (usually handpainted) desktop wallpapers.

If you haven't heard of Bri Emery of Design Love Fest, she's a feisty blonde who is surrounded by colour all the time, and one of my favourite posts she shares every week is her Dress Your Tech series. She shares different artists each week by offering free downloads of their work for desktop backgrounds (or or your phones too!). Today, since I'm currently cleaning out my grandpa's garden and am away from the computer, I'm sharing the links to by favourite desktop backgrounds that I'm currently rotating. I hope that you enjoy them, and that they are able to bring some fun and colour into your life today! 

I'm currently loving (and have on my computer now) the moons background by Kelly Murray. There's so many to choose from though, it was hard to even come up with these favourites, without wanting to share a hundred more! I encourage you to check them out, and make your computer time just that much more prettier to look at. 

(NOTE: Click on any of the photos above to take you to the posts where you can download the full size images! All photos and backgrounds in the post are from Design Love Fest's Dress Your Tech series. They are not my work, just work I love and wanted to share.)