April Phone and Desktop Wallpapers - Free Downloads

Has your March been as beautiful as mine was? It's been so nice to finally have some temperatures above freezing, with lots and lots of sunshine! Such a welcoming warmth streaming in my windows, making for happier moments throughout the day. My cat has been loving it too, starting to spend more and more time outside again, after being cooped up for the last couple months. 

I'm sorry that I missed the monthly free desktop calendar and phone wallpaper downloads for the last couple months. I've been swamped over here, and the beginning of the months just slipped away from me. Before I knew it, the months were halfway over, and it seemed to late to give you a monthly calendar. My friend Dana sent me a little note in the middle of March, asking if the wallpapers were going to come back for the spring. Thankfully, I knew that I had time to get a new one painted, and here it is, all ready for you!

Like the last couple months downloads, I'm offering you TWO downloads. One for your computer, and one for your phone! Clicking the photos below will take you to Flickr, where you can download the file for each! (Once in Flickr, just click the downward pointing arrow in the bottom right corner of your window to download.) Or, you can just save the images at the top of this post for the computer wallpaper, and the bottom of this post for the phone wallpaper!

Do you have any ideas for what you would like to see for the May desktop and phone wallpapers? I'd love to hear your ideas! Share in the comments below! 

**This image is for personal use only, as a wallpaper for phone or computer. Exclusive rights belong to Reva Madryga of Daughter Zion Designs. This download may not be reproduced, altered, or sold. If you would like to use it in any other way other than intended, please email me at reva@daughterziondesigns.com to discuss.**

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