Serve the Lord - New Custom Work and Prints

When an old friend Kelly, whom I’ve known since she was born, messaged me with an idea for a custom piece for her home, I was pretty excited to see what she wanted. As newlyweds, Kelly and her husband Cody, wanted a piece to remind them of their wedding day. She sent me some inspiration photos, and the selected verse, and I got to work.

Kelly sent me a photo of her beautiful wedding bouquet, and requested a floral  garland to be included underneath the verse that they had picked out. I pulled the white gerber daisies (with intense black centres), as well as the purple and blue hydrangeas. She was very specific in requesting that no pastels be included in her piece, and they preferred rich, bright, and bold colours. 

It was a pleasure to also be able to letter a verse that is a favourite in our home as well. This verse from Joshua 24:15 “As for me and my household we will serve the Lord” means a lot to my husband and me too. Kelly wanted a thicker script, and I added a slight emphasis on the last two words of the verse, making a mental note to those who read this piece that ‘the Lord’ is the central idea. It is He who is the centre, the truth, and the grounding force in our homes.

I enjoyed making this piece, and loved how it turned out so much, that I thought that I would make it available to all of you as well! You can pick up this piece in the shop, now available in three different sizes. A declaration of faith to hang in your home! Get it HERE, or by clicking the image immediately above!

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If you are interested in a custom piece of your own, don't hesitate to ask! I love to work with clients on creating a custom piece of art for their home that they are going to love. Send me an email HERE through the contact form, and we can start chatting about the design process!