Recent Custom Work - Sunflowers and Underoath

I love doing custom orders. Honestly though, I can't tell you if it's because I don't have to think as hard to come up with a design inspiration (the client usually knows what they want... yay!), or if it's because of the challenge that it can pose. If I'm going with how I'm feeling right this moment, I'm going to choose the lazier route and say that I love doing custom orders because I don't have to come up with an initial design concept. Yep, I'm having an incredibly uninspired lazy mind day. Hopefully tomorrow I will be able to snap out of it. 

Custom orders can come in many different ways. Very specific, as in the client knows exactly what they want, which colours, which painted elements, kind of lettering etc, and that just makes for a nice design day for me. Sometimes they've linked me to other images, or other designs of my own to use as inspiration. I can just hop right into my papers and pencils and get to work creating what they had envisioned. It creates a smooth process, and I can sometimes make something even better than they originally had in mind!

On the other hand, sometimes all I get is a quote or verse from a client, and free will. Yes, these can pose a tougher design day, but often I can use inspiration from the quote itself, or from other doodles I've made in my sketchbook to create a design layout that the client will be happy with. For the most part, I don't have to change a thing. Yes, that definitely come across braggy, but I just feel like clients are coming to me because they like my style, and I can deliver.

The two custom orders in these photos were done a little while before Christmas, both for the same client, Aaron. He came to me with the specifics for each piece, knowing their intended audience, and what they would like.  

For the sunflower piece above, Aaron knew he wanted to create a birthday gift for his friend, someone who loves and has a special connection with sunflowers. You can read her side of the sunflower story HERE.  Sunflowers are her favourite, and from what I have heard from Aaron, she always has a joyful spirit. I thought that the idea that Aaron had in mind for this piece would fit her perfectly, and hopefully she liked it too! I loved creating all the variations of the sunflowers, with tall the different yellow and brown tones. I think it creates the cheery and bright message that Aaron was going for.

The piece above, also commissioned by Aaron, was for another friend of his, someone whom he had introduced to the band Underoath, and this song in particular. You can hear the song "Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape" by Underoath HERE. I loved creating this piece, because I also love this song, and it brings back many memories from over a decade ago. Aaron chose the blue flowers, and wanted the words in a banner, but let me design the layout how I saw fit. I worked up some sketches and sent them over to him, and he immediately approved. I loved how this piece became slightly whimsical as it was worked, with the subtle overlays of the flowers and stems, with the bolder banner wrapping them. I have to say, making the banner was so much fun. Plus I got to play with masking fluid a little bit, and that's always a treat. I'll be including some information about masking fluid soon, so if you were wondering what it was, stay tuned!

If you were thinking of getting one of my pieces, but couldn't settle on something, remember that custom ordering something special and specific to you is always an option. Send me a little note HERE and we can get chatting on making something just for you!

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