Chalkboard Signs and Quilt Shops

About a month ago I was contacted be the owner of a quilt shoppe in Alberta, Lori's Country Cottage.  The owner, Lori, had a longing for a nice large sign to show off all the different quilt battings she has available for sale in her store.  Quilt batting is the fuzzy warm 'stuffing' that goes inside quilts, giving them a little more weight, some cushion, and extra warmth, ready for cuddling and getting cozy under.  Lori had fallen for the recent trend of chalkboard lettering, so she mailed me this giant chunk of chalkboard fabric (imagine the things your could make with a flexible chalkboard!), plus a chalkboard marker (LOOOVE THOSE!) and I got to work making this massive 18" x 52" sign.  The chalkboard markers go on super smoothly, and don't rub off quite like chalk.  Easy clean up, and nice strong opaque white!  I really enjoyed being able to write in such a variety of different lettering styles, as well as on a large scale.  If you were looking for anything for your shop or home, let me know!  I'd love to make something for you!