Christmas Gift Tags!

Have you finished your Christmas shopping?  Or have you even started?  I managed to go out (like a crazy person) on Black Friday.  To Target.  Not sure why my husband and I had picked that day to go grab a couple little things, at first forgetting that it was going to be Black Friday.  Thankfully though, we went later in early evening, so it wasn't too wild.  We stopped at my favourite art store too, and it was nice and calm.  I managed to get a few Christmas present goodies for my family, and then came home and got my wrapping prepared.  I like to buy plain rolls of paper, usually white or kraft, and paint and stamp all over it to make it one of a kind.  This year, I made some watercoloured gift cards to accompany my gifts, and I thought that I would share them all with you too!
Click on either of the photos above to take you over to where you can grab the digital download of these files! You can print out as many as you need, and share the love on your gifts this Christmas!