Handmade Christmas Wrapping Paper and Gift Tags

I love paper, particularly brown craft paper (or even better?  that rosey brown butcher paper!)  I love cutting it up, writing or drawing on it, folding it, touching it, collecting...anything but getting paper cuts from it.  

The last couple years, I decided that I really wanted to just making my own wrapping paper, since buying it is sooo expensive, and sometimes the designs are so dumb.  Plus, it's more fun looking at stuff under the tree that has different textures or shininess, rather than all the red and green glossy sheets being the same.  Last year, I bought a $5 dollar huge roll of white paper from the kids craft section of Walmart, carved up some stamps, and made a clean and simple wrapping paper for all our gifts.  This year, I decided to return to a classic love, craft paper.  It's easy to find, at the post office, the dollar store, or again, just at Walmart.

I painted white stripes, pale green trees, frosty blue star bursts, and copper Xs.  I have plans to keep painting some more designs, using silvers and golds, metallic greens and maybe a little black here and there.  It's so easy to do!  I just clear off the kitchen table, spread out my paper and go to town.  After finishing the whole section covering the table, I wander off for a while to let it dry.  Then I just roll it up a bit, and reveal a new section ready to paint.  I like to use slightly watered down acrylics, for vibrant, opaque colours, quick drying, and easy clean up.

Here's a little peek at my trees.  I don't put a lot of detail into them, just quick swipes of my brush, and then I move onto the next one.  I felt like Bob Ross painting these happy little trees!
I also like to make my own gift tags for all my presents.  They're more personal, I like writing, and again, buying them just costs so much!  Plus, you can't go wrong with a little white on craft paper.  After looking at these for a while, I went back and worked them a little more, adding some silver along the edges of each card.
Do you make anything handmade for your loved ones?