December Desktop Download

It's December!  And when I look out my window, it actually looks like December, for the first time in a long time.  It's such a treat when you step out the door and into a winter wonderland.  Everything is glistening and filled with sparkling snow.  The branches of our trees are heavy with snow, which makes me so grateful for the evergreen trees we planted this year.  I love looking out the window in my office at our trees, covered with fluffy white goodness.  I snapped a couple pictures in a break of the constant snow yesterday, to capture the moment and to send to my family.  My sister and brother in law live in south Florida, and currently my parents are visiting friends in Orlando.  So I treated them to the snowy pictures, and they replied with messages of them sitting in Disney in glorious 85 degrees.  Somehow, I wasn't jealous!  I was so happy that we got this snowfall.  I'm just in love with looking at it.  Even the shovelling was fun!

So in honour of December, I thought that it was time to give away December's Desktop!  I really enjoyed hand painting and lettering the elements of this desktop.  I wanted to keep it clean and simple this month, so I opted for using a font for the calendar part, instead of hand lettering all those numbers.

Click the calendar to take you to


so you can download your optimal size for your desktop!

Enjoy your first day or December everyone!


**This image is for personal use only, as a wallpaper for phone or computer. Exclusive rights belong to Reva Madryga of Daughter Zion Designs. This download may not be reproduced, altered, or sold. If you would like to use it in any other way other than intended, please email me at to discuss.**